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Applying Shamanism Schedule and Videos:

• Introduction to Applying Shamanism – Monday Jan. 11, 2021: Here are the fundamental basics to the Applying Shamanism course. This is for you if you are considering participating – the first hour is about the program, about shamanism, including the issue of cultural appropriation, and the fact that Applying Shamanism goes to Source – older than all of the indigenous tribal wisdom traditions – for the essence of support for evolutionary flowering in this time of over-lapping emergencies facing our species and our world. Take heart! there is a Path of Mutual Benefit – and there is a way for your gifts to emerge! This is for you!

Video: https://youtu.be/-GHr5wt6P3A

• Sunday Jan. 17: Applying Shamanism – Orientation and first assignment – In our first official gathering, we look at what shamanism IS, and at what it ISN’T. This orientation sets the stage for the flowering spiral that is the Great Mystery of YOU! We look into exploring your “alignment” to the reality you have created (and co-created) and into the “assembly” – into how you are energetically organized. We also cover the basics of active practices being the foundation of our work together. Plus a guest speaker, Lucy the Quantum Physics specialist offers her suggestion on cracking the cosmic egg of our locked-down objectification of reality, including ourselves! This is a “must watch” enjoyable visit to the Mystery that you will be exploring.

Video: https://youtu.be/Q2MfRHmxW1E

• Monday February 1, 4:00pm PST Applying Shamanism with Francis – Alignment and assembly practices tune-up – plus opportunity to tune-up your practice with Q&A.

• Wednesday February 3, 4:00pm PST – What’s Arising with Abby leach – an hour of shared conversation with Abby – including poetry, concerns, silver linings, all in an intimate and supportive gathering in the realm of awareness.

• Monday February 8, 4:00pm PST – From Mystery to History – our 2nd assignment – looking into your personal story, your history, your ancestors and lineage. Shamanic practices along with preparation for “healing” ancestors and lineage.

Sunday February 21, 11:00am PST – Applying Shamanism gathering with Francis – Recovering energy for regeneration, healing, growth and accessing multi-dimensionality. Including a living forgiveness ceremony.

• Monday March 1, 4:00pm PST Applying shamanism with Francis – LIFE is a living altar: increasing wellness with self care, mouthing, multiple sources of nutrition. Journeying fundamentals – drumming for coming out of the trance, n recovery of energy from “things.”

• Sunday March 7 through Friday March 12 – times to be announced: Experience Teotihuacan with Francis and Toltec Teachers and Guides. This 6 segment benefit for the Dreaming House in Teotihuacan Mexico will share the deep wisdom and experiences of the people who love and teach from Teotihuacan. Practical exercises and ceremonies will be shared – along with meeting Alberto and our family in Teotihuacan, and doing a live ceremony with them from the Dreaming House. Not to be missed!!

• Thursday March 18, 4:00pm PDT – Exquinox preparation with Francis. Practical energetics, living ceremony, and shaping intentions for a moment of great resonate harmony and coherence. Sunday March 21, 11:00am PDT – the Equinox! A Spirited Celebration and living ceremony – the art of spirit as core shamanic practice – conferring blessing to ourselves, our families, friends, communities and world.

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Or mail: Francis Rico, 970 Phillips Ave, Petaluma, CA. 94952


Four Month Shamanic Intensive in Practical Magic

Our Practical Magic program has been profound and life changing!

This 4-month shamanic intensive – a direct extension of the wisdom and practices alive in Teotihuacan – has brought the Way of Quetzalpetlatl present in support of our emergence, with a focus on evolutionary flowering – and of course, bringing magic into your life.

I understand how complicated our lives and schedules are, so all of my programs are designed to work for everyone – with materials and recordings of each meeting available on a private web page – and with plenty of meetings for follow-up and for working with assignments and practices.

It’s late in the going for new participants to jump in to Practical Magic at this point, but all of the information, materials, practices and life changing results offered will be included in a greatly expanded program that begins with the December 2020 Solstice, and energetically concludes with the June 2021 Solstice – including a summarization and follow-up month in July of 2021.

With this upcoming Applying Shamanism program, you are invited to step into the realm of the magical and miraculous – and join a community of people who support the emergence of the unique gifts we each have to offer our world.

Applying Shamanism incorporates practical magic, healing practices, shamanic tools and resources, living ceremonies, celebrations, and journeys – with multiple monthly events, on-line video gatherings, materials, personal interest work groups, and the availability of private mentoring.

In the recent past, we have included wilderness adventures along the Pacific North Coast to places of magic and energy – with parallel adventures in the wilderness areas near you. There are optional journeys to Teotihuacan Mexico, and to Peru – to the Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu. With Covid continuing to influence travel, we’ll have to see what we can do – but you can count on being active!

Everyone’s financial circumstances are varied at this time – and I would rather have you participate than not – so participating in this program is by donation. And it’s pay as you go. There will be a number of options for private energetic tune-ups and shamanic sessions, along with private mentoring available at an additional cost – but these are not required to benefit profoundly from our program.

Email me at francis@shamanzone.com and I’m happy to respond to any concerns or questions.

Thank you – Francis Rico