Video w/Francis: A Shamanic Response to Thriving in a Changing World

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Fear!  Amplified fear, compounded and endlessly reinforced fear! Fear is the great powerful motivating force being used to direct our behavior – to insure that the “lock-down” is maintained –  to “flatten the curve” – and to theoretically keep us safe – safe from fear.

As a modality, fear provokes an alarm response – we are being attacked!  And as our bodies go into adrenalized flight or fight reactions, unable to do either, we “freeze.”   This third reaction – of freezing in disempowered inability to with fight the Covid19 virus or run from it, totally disempowers our immune system – causing symptoms of irritation, lack of patience, over-reactivity, sleeplessness, upset digestion, stomach ailments, emotional vulnerability, amplified distress…

There is a better way! There is a better way to shape a response, instead of a fear based protective reaction. This better way starts with considering the possibility that RESPECT for the dangerous virus and uncertain times is a better response than disabling FEAR!

This video was offered recently to the Napa Valley Yoga Center community, and it has been asked for and shared many times over. It is offered here for your benefit and encouragement in these challenging times.

Please email me at with your comments, concerns, and questions.  I am happy to offer you an indigenous wisdom tradition meets modern neurology science perspective on how you can remain resourceful and creative in challenging times.