1. How does shamanism help?
2. Range of shamanic services
3. Fee structure
4. About Francis

1. How does shamanism help deal with your issues?
To paraphrase Jesus, “the kingdom of energy surrounds us, but we don’t see it…”

Until we do.

And then, a revolutionary new experience of life beyond the limitations of what we’ve believed becomes possible.

The seemingly unsolvable problems and difficulties we face can be transformed. “Problems” become situations – and situations resolve into beneficial outcomes.

How do I help you create this transformation?

I help you make direct contact with the unseen guidance and resources that surround you and are within you. And, by drawing on the energy and innate intelligence at the core of life itself, we bring practical solutions and improvements to the issues of your life.

Working with indigenous elders, healers and shamans over the past 40 years, I have walked the path into initiation and practice in three ancient wisdom traditions: 1) the Toltec traditions of Teotihuacan Mexico, 2) the transcendent global visioning and healing work of American Southwest Plains Holy Man Tslew-teh-koyeh, (aka Beautiful Painted Arrow), and, 3) the pre-Incan shamanism of the Kallayays of Lake Titicaca and the Royal Andes in Peru and Bolivia.

Each of these modalities has rich and deep mythologies and cosmologies – and each has resources and tools shaped by many generations of healers and shaman.

While I have the highest affection and respect for these traditions, and I include the use of tools and practices from each, I do not superimpose any methods or belief systems in my work with you.

Together, we look into the worldview and circumstances that you have created in your life. And we include the legacies, lineages and issues that you have inherited.

From that starting place, Spirit – Divine Presence – or whatever you want to call it – illuminates what we need to see, and provides what ever is needed to bring healing, creating resolution and positive outcomes.

You do not have to learn or believe anything for my shamanic work with you to be effective. You simply have to be willing to experiment with the guidance, resources and practices that emerge from our work together

2. Shamanic Services
            1. Personal – life issues
            2. Practical – specific problem solving
            3. Ceremonial – celebration of life passages
            4. Home & Business – clearing and blessing

1. Personal – life issues

Personal sessions involve deep work and inquiry – revealing, illuminating and allowing increased flexibility and change of unconscious patterns that manifest unresolved and undesirable patterns of issues, problems and circumstances in your life.

The goal of our work is the manifestation of your desired outcomes -resulting from the restoration of choice, along with support of one’s capacity to enjoy the gift of life.

Another type of personal session involves energetic clearing and cleansing for the purpose of mobilizing deep resources for healing and re-organizing of life circumstances – supporting the restoration of well being and happiness.

Personal sessions can be scheduled for phone, Skype, or in person

2. Practical – specific problem solving

Do you want an accurate look into a specific problematic issue – along with finding solutions that will actually work?

Classically, issues fall into one of four categories: mind, body, emotions and spirit. Or, put another way, issues can include ethical dilemmas, health, love & relationship concerns, work, career, money, and a range of crisis situations and potential opportunities.

Together we illuminate the issue you’re faced with, and instead of the “bad vs. worse” solutions that seem to be the your only options (but that don’t really solve anything), we’ll see the full range of creative and innovative solutions that are possible. And you’ll know what to do.

Personal sessions can be scheduled for phone, Skype, or in person

3. Ceremonial – celebration of life passages

Ceremonies of life passages include celebrations of births, initiations, weddings, anniversaries and memorial services. I am a licensed ULC Reverend, and have performed many weddings – I specialize in co-creating ceremonies that fit you, your family, and your friends and community.

The key here is to invoke and acknowledge the presence of the Sacred in the passages of our lives.

A “no charge” phone, Skype or in person consultation will help us determine the best path for your life passage celebration.

4. Home & Business – clearing and blessing

Homes and businesses have energetic histories and circumstances as complex and multi-dimensional as people.

Homes: A three-part process is necessary to bless a home.
First: Energetic cleaning and clearing of stagnant obstructive energies.
Second: Realignment and consecration of the sacred gift contained within every home.
Third: A family and friends celebration and re-dedication ceremony of the home, with the creation of a home altar.

Businesses: Every business is unique.

New businesses benefit greatly from being blessed by all participants in a special inaugural ceremony and celebration. Behind the scenes, before the ceremony, a cleaning and clearing of the past uses of the business location creates a fresh start for the new business.

Existing businesses can suffer from on-going obstructed energy – with people experiencing depression, sluggishness, and being effected by on-going trauma and drama. An obstructed energy flow hurts business performance – and can be cleared, restored to healthy flow, and realigned, consecrated and rededicated to the best outcomes for everyone in the business.

Real Estate: Obstructed and stagnant energies in a property can cause a house to sit with little interest, with deals falling apart instead of leading to a sale. Potential clients can’t put their finger on why they are uncomfortable about a property, but they react by backing away from it. Home and business cleaning, clearing and consecration techniques outlined above will restore well-being and “flow” – leading directly to sales.

Contact me at with details, and we can schedule a “no cost” consultation on your home, business or real estate.

Shamanic Services Fee Structure:

Here are the typical ranges of donations made for shamanic services. Those who can pay more help those who can afford less – please don’t let money stop you from contacting me and getting help.

1. PERSONAL – life issues intensive – sessions average 90 minutes, $250.00 – CLICK HERE to schedule with Francis

Personal sessions can be scheduled for phone, Skype, Zoom Video Conferencing or in person.

2. PRACTICAL – specific single problem solving –  $75 to $150.00 – typically 30-45 minutes.  CLICK HERE to outline issue and schedule with Francis

Problem solving sessions can be scheduled for phone, Skype, Zoom Video Conferencing or in person.

3. CEREMONIAL  celebration of life passages – $300 to $800.00+ – CLICK HERE – to set up a “no charge” consultation with Francis

A “no charge” phone, Skype, Zoom Video Conferencing or in person consultation will help us determine the best path for your life passage celebration.

4. HOME & BUSINESS –  clearing, realignment, blessing and celebration – $300 to 900.00+ – CLICK HERE – to set up a “no charge” consultation with Francis

Contact me @ with details, and we can schedule a “no cost” consultation on your home, business or real estate.

Francis Rico

My grandfather, Pedro Angel Fernandez, was a Maketo shaman, author, musician and philosopher – and he influenced me to research every religious, mystical, shamanic, healing and energy work tradition known – from Sufism to Ecuadorian Sacramental Ayawaska, from Reiki to Tarot – from indigenous practices of every variety to Zen Buddhism and Transcendental Meditation.

With my grandfather, I discovered that I have a unique gift – I am a “seer.” This early training with him formed a strong foundation – allowing me to now see clearly into the people and situations I encounter as a shaman.

We all have “gifts” – and a very satisfying part of the work I do is to help uncover, unwrap and bring these gifts into being – helping you awaken to the gift of your life.

You will be encouraged to know that along with practices and work towards you well-being, the deep beauty of wild creation, within us and surrounding us, can also help us heal, bringing happiness and real magic into our lives – we can become joyful and free!

My new book,  A Shaman’s Guide To Deep Beauty,  shares stories, practices and procedures gathered from many years of dedication to the shamanic pathways and teachers of indigenous wisdom traditions. It is quickly becoming a classic in shamanic literature because it is simple, clear and directly relevant to the new world we are entering now.

The Toltec traditions I practice, that originate in the mysterious and beautiful plazas, temples and pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico, can be seen and experienced in the just released movie “Dreaming Heaven”

Along with Teotihuacan, I also guide people on journeys to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, in Peru, and to many of the world’s sacred sites. And while the “work” is to open the doorways of perception to opportunities for transformation, we always have fun – we enjoy the journey – and I bring music and good times along with us.

I live in Northern California, and while we work however and wherever it is convenient for you, I’m also very happy to share the beauty of the wild coastal mesas, cliffs, and ocean I love, in support of our shamanic teaching, healing and counseling work.

Contact me at –