Join Francis and Jorge for Springtime In Peru! Oct. 25th thru Nov. 3rd, 2018
One of life’s most illuminating experiences is when a door unexpectedly opens wide, and a beautiful otherworldly light shines through. And then, you realize that you are being invited to step through into a new experience of what life can be.

And it can happen right here!

You are invited to join me and Peruvian mystic and guide Jorge Luis Delgado on a journey into the Sacred Valley, to Machu Picchu and the many wonders of Peru – a journey into the living mountains – the Apus – and directly into the Heart of hearts. Our journey is from October 25th thru November 3rd 2018 – ten days – at the time when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest – the Holy Days that occur during Springtime in Peru.

This magical time is when an ancient doorway opens into a life illuminated, ignited, and fully embodied in Spirit – and you experience a way of living – resourceful, agile, creative, connected to deep beauty, illuminated, and yes, happy to be alive!

The community that gathers for this journey will be the very best of companions – an intimate group focused on supporting each person’s direct experience. It will be a small group, and participation is only open to 15 people. If you feel called, if you sense the invitation from Spirit to awaken in Peru, contact me and let’s talk.


Experience Toltec Dreaming – a Mitote – Sat. & Sun. Aug 11 & 12

Have you ever had an experience of “normal reality” that was so magical that you thought you were dreaming?

Your first reaction – you pinch yourself – you’re awake! No, you weren’t smoking dope! Nope, you didn’t drop acid! No – no ayahuasca involved!

Quite simply, a pure magical radiance came over you -and you experienced a vision of the sparkling intelligence and deep beauty of being!

This experience was well known in the ancient Toltec traditions of central Mexico – the home of the great ancient University of Spirit – Teotihuacan – a place of mysterious pyramids, temples and plazas that is an active field of transformation and evolutionary support even today.

In the old traditions, a special all night dreaming practice evolved to support this expansive experience of the ineffable – this practice is called the “Mitote.”

I invite you to join me for an experience of the “Mitote” – we start with an afternoon workshop on Saturday, August 11 that will prepare you for the all-night dreaming ceremony, concluding on Sunday August 12 at about 1:00 PM.

The Mitote takes one into a high state of awareness and vision – without the use of plant medicines or substances. And it’s also a totally enjoyable community camp-out (in tents, under the stars or in one of the few beds available), with a delicious shared pot luck dinner and hearty catered breakfast.

O.K. it’s true: normal reality seems very solid. And it seems almost impossible to imagine that our tangible, solid, normal reality could possibly be constructed of a moment by moment flow of energy.

Our Toltec Workshop and night time Mitote Dreaming Practice offers you opportunities to peak behind the curtain of “normal” reality into this flow – into the creative center of being that is the up-welling source of all that you manifest.

In our ceremony, we look into the place where we each create the shape, texture, and experiences of our lives – and we gently awaken to the gifts that we have been given, and to the gifts that we are here to give.

We will be sending out directions and all of the necessary details to prepare for this special weekend – it’s one of our favorite events of the year, and there is nothing like it for creating a refreshed and rejuvenated vision of life.

I invite you to join us. Questions? Contact me at

Registration is $150 per person and $250 for couples.
(If you have financial concerns, please contact us!)
You can register by contacting Elaine Silver at



What’s a session with Francis like?

“The seemingly unsolvable problems, dilemmas, and life challenges we face can be transformed – because there is a revolutionary new experience of life that can open for us beyond the limitations of what we’ve believed is possible.

I’ll help you make direct contact with the unseen guidance and resources that are within you, and that surround you. By drawing on the innate intelligence at the core of life itself, we’ll bring practical solutions and beneficial outcomes to the issues of your life.

You do not have to learn or believe anything for this shamanic work to be effective. You simply have to be willing to experiment with the guidance, resources and practices that emerge from our work together.”

To schedule a session:
 Contact Pam Mailloux – 336-376-9534 –

90 minute sessions are $150.00.. ($50 off of his regular fee of $200.00). You can pay with PayPal, check or cash. Please visit for more information on shamanic services.

About Francis Rico:
Francis apprenticed with his Spanish grandfather – a Maketo Shaman. From this early start, his life has followed the pathways of indigenous shamanic wisdom traditions of the Americas and around the world.

Also – coming August 24 – 26 – A Journey into Eternity – a journey into Montana’s magical majestic Bear Tooth Mountains.

A Shamanic Journey to Teotihuacan – Nov. 28th thru Dec. 4th

Our Shamanic Journey to Teotihuacan is a giant step out of the dilemmas that we continue to experience when we do the same old things we’ve always done.

We adventure into the Great Mystery – a journey into Creation’s innate intelligence. And, here we find an opportunity to reawaken the agile feral capacities that are at the center of your being – the “gift” of you!

Hearing a call from something within that is so deep, so profound, and so compelling is intriguing… but it also might feel totally unreasonable – and that is exactly the point!

You are hearing a call from life itself to come to this ancient University of Spirit – a mysterious place that is more vibrantly alive now than ever!

The essence of our journey is the accessing of your profound resourcefulness, creative abilities, and unique giftedness – this is about you becoming an Artist of Spirit in your life.

And, this is what “shamanism” is all about: it’s a movement out of the chronic contraction, stress, and limitation that we call “normal reality” – and into an expansive high-and-deep vibrational creative state where magic and miracles are normal.

There’s a special link for you, below – take a moment to explore, and let me tell you about Teotihuacan – about our home there – the Dreaming House – and about our journey and all of the details that we take care of so that your experience is safe and worry free.

But first, let me give you the basic costs and choices involved: this journey is not expensive – the cost issue is more about your time: can you take a week to totally re-vision, upgrade and reformat your life?

My mission is to help you get to this magical place where your awakening ignites everyone and everything in your life. Now, that’s shamanism!

Our journey cost is $1195 – and that includes delicious meals, entry to the pyramids, our shuttle to and from the airport, and a day in Mexico City visiting the Basilica of Guadalupe and the world renowned Anthropological Museum.

Our accommodations are double occupancy in the beautiful Dreaming House – our private estate, with our own kitchen and staff. If you would prefer a single room, it’s available for an additional $240.

Cost does not include your airfare, wait staff tips, alcoholic beverages, or extra activities like a herbal sweat lodge or private healing sessions with one of our indigenous healers.

To register, please contact our journey coordinator, Elaine Silver – (or) 845-536 -6848 Elaine will also help you arrange your travel plans to link with our pickup and return shuttles in Mexico City. She will have forms and information for you on every aspect of our journey.

This journey is being kept intimately small – please do make a $500 deposit to reserve your space. Payment can be made via PayPal below. Payment can also be made by check, just contact me –

1. Deposit $500 + Paypal fee $15 = total $515 – CLICK HERE
2. Shared room $1195 +Paypal fee $40 = total $1235 – CLICK HERE
3. Private room $1435 + Paypal fee $45 = total $1480 – CLICK HERE
($240 extra)

Here’s a link to a story of the adventure of the journey:
Francis Rico shares the adventure of a Shamanic Journey to Teotihuacan –

Applying Shamanism

This program is designed to condense years of shamanic training and apprenticeship into a short course that will become your foundation for deeper extended work in the realms of your giftedness:

Opening – your eyes, your mind, your heart
Becoming – spirited, agile, feral, resourceful
Speaking – Truth, Beauty, Wisdom, Wild Poetry
Healing – your self, your family, your friends, your world
Enjoying – life, love, peace, abundance
Giving – your unique essential gifts to the world

With monthly group gatherings in the North Bay Area – including wilderness adventures along the Pacific North Coast to places of magic and energy. The program includes monthly on-line video conferences, video materials, and a monthly energetic tune-up with Francis Rico.

Monthly Schedule: 
– One 6 hour (or more) group gathering each month
– Study and practice materials assigned for each period
– Interactive online group meeting or teaching video.
– One private 1 hour personal consultation

Participation includes:
– Discounts on journey
– Discount on private shamanic sessions
– Discounts on books and materials

Applying Shamanism December 2017-June 2018:
– Practical dreaming
– Practical magic
– Accessing multi-dimensionality
– Embodiment exercises for neurological growth
– Use of medicine bag and mesa
– Creating a Book of Dreams
– Mitote – Dreaming a new dream
– Solstice & Equinox Celebrations
– Ceremonies of living spirit
– Journeying
– Use of drums
– Animal allies
– Plant allies and communication
– Rock amigos, talking rocks
– Water Ceremonies, Shadow Dancing, Living ceremonies
– Managing and directing energies – heavy and light
– Forgiveness Ceremony – with ongoing recapitulations
– Wellness program, solar nourishment, beauty as a key nutrient
– Creation of a life worth living on your terms

For info on registering for this 6 month program contact
Fee for Program participation is $200.00 per month + $6 PayPal fee. BUY NOW
Fee can be also paid by check or cash by arrangement with Francis, with no additional charge.