Four Month Shamanic Intensive in Practical Magic

Curandera by Rick Ortega

Would you be interested in applying practical magic to your life?

I invite you to join a 4-month shamanic intensive – a direct extension of the wisdom and practices alive in Teotihuacan – bringing the Way of Quetzalpetlatl present in support of your emergence, with a focus on your evolutionary flowering – and bringing magic into your life.

Please email me and I’ll send you a personal profile and a schedule of our monthly meetings, our support meetings, and our personal interest gatherings. Everything will be recorded for viewing at your convenience and available on our private Practical Magic web page. All assignments, practices, and follow-up with me can happen at your pace and in your schedule.

Everyone’s financial circumstances are varied at this time – and I would rather have you participate than not – so this program is by donation. And it’s pay as you go. Private sessions with me are available at an additional cost, but are not required for our program.

Email me at and I’ll get you set up right away.

Our first gathering is Sunday September 13th – at 11:00am PDT – with a 90 minute orientation to the program, including what you can expect from it, and practical exercises you can immediately begin to apply.

Our second meeting will be on Monday September 21 – a one hour class at 4:00pm PDT preparing for the Equinox on Tuesday the 22nd. You’ll be stepping into living ceremony and directly experiencing the gift of connection with the flowing energy of Creation. A complete schedule for the 4 month program will be sent toy when you contact me to register.

I’m happy to respond to any concerns or questions, and you’re welcome to check in our first couple of meetings and see what you think & feel.

Thank you – Francis Rico

I’m happy to invite you to join our Virtual Shamanic Journey to TEOTIHUACAN – Becoming an Artist of Spirit.

A journey into the radiant beauty of Teotihuacan, offering you direct experiences of both the magic of Teo and of your innate gifts. This journey was offered August 23 thru 28, 2020, and each day of the journey was recorded and is available for you to enjoy. A donation to support the community food and medicine programs from the Dreaming House in San Sebastian, supporting people in the surrounding villages, will be greatly appreciated – 100% of your donation goes to the Dreaming House programs.

I’ve brought together 12 guides whose lives have been deeply touched by Teotihuacan, to share the energies, images, and direct experiences that are the gift to your life that this journey is offering.

Participation in this journey is by donation – and your donation goes 100% to support Community Programs sponsored by the Dreaming House San Sebastian at Teotihuacan. Please donate what you can – everyone has different financial circumstances, and I would rather have you join in this journey than not – so do not let financial hardships stop you from registering. If you are comfortable financially, please donate a little more – that helps even everything out – and every cent goes to food and care programs.

Our journey begins with an Introduction and Invitation to Teotihuacan on Sun. Aug 23rd at 11:00am PDT. This Sunday start to the journey includes meeting Alberto and Veronica live at the Dreaming House! We continue our journey thru Teo with 5 one-hour gatherings at 4:00pm PDT each day from Monday 24 thru Friday 25. Everything will be recorded for your viewing convenience.

When you register you will be given a link to our private journey web page, where you will find the Zoom link to each meeting, and where all of the videos we share will be available, plus bonus materials.

Please Contact me at: or text 707-338-0199 – for any additional information, and to be directed to our Registration and donation information journey administrator Elaine Silver.  She will take care of you and give you payment options of Paypal, Venmo, or personal check.

Thank you!  This journey will take you into the Mystery, into the Magic, and into the profound support for your evolutionary growth and flowering that has been the reason so many people have made this journey with me.

Below is a calendar of the Virtual Shamanic Journey.  You can attend as much or as little as you have time for and still receive enormous benefit from this journey.  Your donation supports a beautiful community of people who really do need our assistance.   And the recordings of each day of the Journey and all of the additional videos will be yours to view at your convenience.

Note that on four of the 6 days, the afternoon session will be followed by a half hour sharing and question & answer period.

Journeys to Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Hawaii and the Southwest.

Temporarily on hold pending recovery developments from the Covid19 shut-down. Francis will be offering a series of virtual tours and visits after the 2020 June Solstice.  To participate contact him to be included!

Applying Shamanism

An invitation from Francis Rico:

For this new year and new decade, I invite you to step into the realm of the magical and miraculous – and join a community of people who support the emergence of the unique gifts we each have to offer our world.

Applying Shamanism is a six month program that incorporates practical magic, healing practices, shamanic tools and resources, living ceremonies, celebrations and journeys – with monthly events, on-line video gatherings, materials, personal interest work groups, and private energetic tune-up sessions.

Monthly gatherings include wilderness adventures along the Pacific North Coast to places of magic and energy – with parallel adventures in the wilderness near you where ever you live. There are optional journeys to Teotihuacan Mexico, and to Peru – to the Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu.

Applying Shamanism begins with an on-line video meeting and class on Sunday January 19th – and continues thru Sunday July 20th. Registration is open, and I invite you to contact me to discuss if this is the right program at the right time for you.

Although I’m located in California’s North Bay Area, people from all over the United States and around the world participate in this program and in our community.

All live classes and events are video-taped for later viewing at your convenience, and all materials and resources are available in whatever way fits your life circumstances. The schedule for the program – along with an explanation of “shamanic time” – is available when we talk.

Program participation is $100 per month – due by check, credit card, PayPal, or Venmo on the 15th of every month. Details will be provided during our first personal meeting.