Mitote Dreaming – August 12th and 13th – on beautiful Vashon Island

Join shamans Francisco Rico and Antonia Greene for our annual Vashon Island August Mitote (pronounced mih toe tay), an ancient Toltec dreaming ceremony, where your dreams can become your reality.  Without the use of plant medicines or substances, we guide you into open states of consciousness, where you can shift your perception into a new way of being.

We begin mid-day Saturday, after setting up tents and sleeping arrangements, and spend the afternoon learning, experiencing practices that support dreaming, and preparing for the evening in ceremony and celebration.

A shared meal is enjoyed as we then move into the evening, with a sacred fire and guidance into the night.  You may experience the energies of your deepest inner guidance, of sublime beings, of nature spirits, of Creation herself – as you meet your truest Self.  Yes, you will sleep and dream.

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On Sunday morning we enjoy a healthy breakfast, greet the sun, and share in the support of others before we end at midday.

This is one of our favorite events of the year!

Please gift yourself with this potentially life changing event. Invite friends and family you feel would benefit from this magical event!

Mitote registration is $195.00  Online payment is recommended – Paypal payment option is below. 

A delicious organic dinner Saturday evening and a Sunday breakfast will be served for an additional $25.00 per person.

A $7.00 Paypal service charge has been added to the registration and meal total.

If you prefer, you can pay by check – contact Francisco at

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The Mitote – Toltec Dreaming practice by Francis Rico

Toltec wisdom offers a unique perspective on dreaming: we recognize that we are dreaming when we’re asleep, but that we are also dreaming while we’re awake!

In other words, our experience of “normal reality” is also a dream that we are having.

O.K. it’s true that normal reality seems very solid. And it seems almost impossible to imagine that our tangible, solid, normal reality could possibly be constructed of a moment by moment flow of energy.

Our Toltec Workshop and night time Mitote Dreaming Practice offers you opportunities to peak behind the curtain of “normal” reality into this flow – into the creative center of being that is the up-welling source of all that you manifest.

In our ceremony, we look into the place where we each create the shape, texture, and experiences of our lives – and we gently awaken to the gifts that we have been given, and to the gifts that we are here to give.

How does it work?

The Mitote Dreaming Practice involves first establishing and stepping into Sacred space together.

Our daytime workshop prepares us for our movement into the Great Mystery. After a shared evening meal, we again meet for instructions on becoming fluid in dreamtime.

Then, we sort ourselves into two groups that will alternate during the night: one group sleeping while the other group is awake at the central Fire and altars of Earth, Water, and Spirit.

Then, we trade back and forth – with alternating periods of sleep dreaming and awake dreaming flowing back and forth many times during the night. Our normally more rigid notions of what is a dream state and what is “normal” become fluid and intermixed.

In the morning, we share a breakfast meal, and then meet to compare and share experiences. Everyone benefits from everyone’s experiences, because the Mitote Dreaming Practice is ultimately a collaborative adventure, with all of us in it together!

Contact for details to participate in the August 12th and 13th Mitote Dreaming gathering on Vachon Island.

Shamanic Journey to Teotihuacan – November 11th thru 17th, 2017

If there ever was a time to come to Teotihuacan, this is it!

Antonia Greene and I are guiding a very special journey for a small group of people, and if it strikes a resonant chord with you, contact me right away.

It will be a week of total immersion in beauty, mystery and magic – from November 11th thru 17th, 2017. 

This is more than a “power journey” – and it’s more than a pilgrimage.   It’s also more than a personal adventure in spirit.

This journey to Teo is an ignition of the Sacred within you.

Going to Teotihuacan was once totally about discovering our authentic selves and having an experience of “heaven on earth.”  This is still a foundational part of what Teo offers us.

But there has been an awakening to a higher, deeper, wider purpose.

I know this sounds mysterious, and it is.  It is as mysterious as love.  What is happening is an irresistible emergence of the presence of something vibrant at the core of life itself – the irresistible love of life for life – and it’s highlighted and decorated with pyramids, beautiful temples and magical energetic plazas at Teo!

This is such a difficult time of transition for all of us  – and yet,  I’ve felt the rising of an increasingly profound energetic support for our well-being and evolution – for a rise and deepening of our individual and collective vibrational level, and for a re-emergence of a better way to live our lives. And of course, this starts with our own capacity to wake up to love and to enjoy the gift of our lives.

Let’s talk, if this resonates with you – and we can explore this together.  Please email me, at and/or we can Skype or phone.

Every aspect of our highly personalized and intimate small-group journey is taken care of – from our comfortable private estate with our Mexican family Alberto and Veronica, in the beautiful Dreaming House at Teo, to the delicious authentic Mexican food prepared with great care in our own kitchen, to our day in Mexico City visiting the world renowned Anthropology Museum and the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

$1495 covers everything except your airfare.  Please contact me right away, and I’ll reserve a space for you.

Blessings, with love!  Francis Rico

Six month course in Applying Shamanism – 2017

This program is designed to condense years of shamanic training and apprenticeship into a short course that will become your foundation for deeper extended work in the reams of your giftedness:
Opening – your eyes, your mind, your heart
Becoming – spirited, agile, feral, resourceful
Speaking – Truth, Beauty, Wisdom, Wild Poetry
Healing – your self, your family, your friends, your world
Enjoying – life, love, peace, abundance
Giving – your unique essential gifts to the world

With monthly group adventures, from the Winter Solstice December 21st, 2016 thru the Summer Solstice and Full Moon June 20th 2017
Including 6 monthly on-line Skype or video modules of practices & processes, including a monthly check in and tune up with Francis Rico.

Monthly Schedule: (dates will be set in advance of each month)
– One 6 hour (or more) group gathering each month.
– Study and practice materials assigned for each period.
– Interactive Skype group meeting or teaching video.
– One private 1 hour personal consultation
Participation includes:
– Discounts on journeys.
– Discount on private shamanic sessions.

Applying Shamanism 2017
– Practical dreaming
– Practical magic
– Accessing multi-dimensionality
– Embodiment exercises for neurological growth
– Use of medicine bag and mesa
– Creating a Book of Dreams
– Mitote – Dreaming a new dream
– Solstice & Equinox Celebrations
– Ceremonies of living spirit.
– Journeying
– Use of drums
– Animal allies
– Plant allies and communication
– Rock amigos, talking rocks
– Water Ceremonies, Shadow Dancing, Living ceremonies
– Managing and directing energies – heavy and light
– Forgiveness Ceremony – with ongoing recapitulations
– Wellness program, solar nourishment, beauty as a key nutrient
– Creation of a life worth living on your terms.

For info on registering for this 6 month program contact

Fee for Program participation is $200.00 per month + $6 PayPal fee. BUY NOW



Shamanic Services Fee Structure:
Here are the typical ranges of donations made for shamanic services. Those who can pay more help those who can afford less – please don’t let money stop you from contacting me and getting help. Click on the category you are interested in and you will be linked to an email to discuss your situation with Francis.

1. PERSONAL – life issues intensive – sessions average 90 minutes, $200.00 – CLICK HERE to schedule with Francis

Personal sessions illuminate, reveal and allow increased flexibility and change of unconscious patterns that manifest unresolved and undesirable issues, problems and circumstances. The goal of this work is the manifestation of desired outcomes resulting from the restoration of choice, along with support of one’s capacity to enjoy the gift of life. Another type of personal session involves energetic clearing and cleansing for the purpose of mobilizing deep resources for healing and re-organizing of life circumstances in support of the restoration of well being and happiness.

Personal sessions can be scheduled for phone, Skype, or in person.


2. PRACTICAL – specific problem solving –  $75 to $150.00 – CLICK HERE to outline issue and schedule with Francis

Do you want an accurate look into an issue, along with finding solutions that will actually work? Classically, issues fall into one of four categories: mind, body, emotions and spirit. Or, put another way, issues can include ethical dilemmas, health, love & relationship concerns, work, career, money, and a range of crisis situations, and potential opportunities.

Together we will illuminate the issue you’re faced with – and instead of the “bad vs. worse” solutions that seem to be the only options, but that don’t solve anything, we’ll illuminate the full range of creative and innovative solutions possible.

And you’ll know what to do.

Problem solving sessions can be scheduled for phone, Skype, or in person.


3. CEREMONIAL  celebration of life passages – $300 to $600.00+ – CLICK HERE – to set up a “no charge” consultation with Francis

Ceremonies of life passages include celebrations of births, initiations, weddings, anniversaries and memorial services. I am a licensed ULC Reverend, and have performed many weddings – I specialize in co-creating ceremonies that fit you, your family, your friends and community. The key here is to invoke and acknowledge the presence of the Sacred in the passages of our lives.

A “no charge” phone, Skype or in person consultation will help us determine the best path for your life passage celebration.


4. HOME & BUSINESS –  clearing and blessing – $150 to 600.00+ – CLICK HERE – to set up a “no charge” consultation with Francis

Homes and businesses have energetic histories and circumstances as complex and multi-dimensional as people – fortunately, their foundations are based on sacred ground.

Homes: A three-part process is necessary to bless a home.
First: Energetic cleaning and clearing of stagnant obstructive energies.
Second: Realignment and consecration of the sacred gift contained within every home.
Third: A family and friends celebration and re-dedication ceremony of the home, with the creation of a home altar.

Businesses: Every business is unique.

New businesses benefit greatly from being blessed by all participants in a special inaugural ceremony and celebration. Behind the scenes, before the ceremony, a cleaning and clearing of the past uses of the business location creates a fresh start for the new business.

Existing businesses can suffer from on-going obstructed energy – with people experiencing depression, sluggishness, and being effected by on-going trauma and drama. An obstructed energy flow hurts business performance – and can be cleared, restored to healthy flow, and realigned, consecrated and red.

Real Estate: Obstructed and stagnant energies in a property can cause a house to sit with little interest, with deals falling apart instead of leading to a sale. Potential clients can’t put their finger on why they are uncomfortable about a property, but they react by backing away from it. Home and business cleaning, clearing and consecration techniques outlined above will restore well-being and “flow” – leading directly to sales. Contact me with details, and we can schedule a “no cost” consultation on your home, business or real estate.

Contact to consult and schedule your service.

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