Francis in N.Carolina – events and private sessions 2019:

• Chapel Hill, Durham & Saxapahaw – Fri. Sept. 27 thru Wed. Oct. 2 (click here)

• Winston Salem – Thurs. Oct. 3 thru Mon. Oct. 7. (click here)

• A Shamanic Journey to Teotihuacan – November 15-21, 2019 (click here)


Here, in this little clearing in the Internet jungle, you’ve come across a tribe engaged in the mysterious art of moving beyond the contracted limitations of “normal reality” into a realm of expansive possibilities.

And, you’re much more than welcome here: you are essential!

Here’s the simple truth: your expanded capacity for love, compassion, and caring is the evolutionary transformation and awakening now emerging within our species.

I’m Francis Rico – my grandfather, Pedro Angel Fernandez, was a shaman, and I continue our lineage – although the word “shaman” is not a title, it’s a description of the capacity that all of us share – to expand our perceptions and our capacities – becoming higher, deeper, and broader vibrational beings.

We’re all being called to ignite our creative agility and joy – becoming a life affirming response to the damage and distress caused by the powerful predatory exploitive systems that have ruled our world.

So, make yourself at home – check out my programs, journeys and services, along with the videos of Grandfather Joseph Rael, and the drumming of Onye Onyemaechi. We’re an eclectic community here – with resources as diverse as Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, and Martin Prechtel!

I’m here to celebrate and bring your deepest inner resources and capacities present – for your own healing and well-being – extending to your family, friends, neighbors, community, work relationships, and all who we share life with here on Earth.

My book – A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty – is a highly recommended first step and introduction to the realm of expansive possibilities – with shamanic wisdom stories, practices, and exercises to help you navigate these changing times as you cultivate and express your unique gifts.

Shamanzone – supporting your journey!


Francis Rico … A guide to moving into the spiral of Creation’s energy and discovering the deep beauty contained within each moment. It presents 11 simple practices, each a step on the spiral path. more…
November 15-21, 2019

Our Shamanic Journey to Teotihuacan is a giant step out of the dilemmas that we continue to experience when we do the same old things we’ve always done. We adventure into the Great Mystery – a journey into Creation’s innate intelligence. And, here we find an opportunity to reawaken the agile feral capacities that are at the center of your being – the “gift” of you!.. more…
Science & Shamanism
have collided!

An EXPLOSIVE free evening with Francis Rico at Oasis at Carr Mill Mall on Friday, September 27, at 7:00pm.  Science and Shamanism have just collided!  And the resulting explosion has generated a reality shifting burst of illumination, lighting up the reality that our world is pure energy!  Join Francis for an evening of proactive shamanism – stepping out of the trance of “objective” reality and on to a high-vibration path of wild explosive energy! … more…