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In this little clearing in the Internet jungle, you’ve come across a tribe engaged in the mysterious art of moving beyond the contracted limitations of “normal reality” into a realm of expansive possibilities.

You are more than welcome here: you are essential!

The simple truth: your expanded capacity for love, compassion, and caring is the evolutionary transformation and awakening now emerging within our species.

My grandfather was a shaman, and I continue our lineage – although the word “shaman” is not a title, it’s a description of our shared capacity to expand our perceptions and our unique gifts – becoming higher, deeper, and broader vibrational beings.

We’re all being called to ignite our creative agility and joy –and you are a life affirming response to the damage and distress caused by the powerful predatory exploitive systems that have ruled our world.

We’re an eclectic community of people affirming “love in action” in our world – and I invite you to join us!

I celebrate your deepest inner resources – including your healing and well-being – extending to your family, your friends, neighbors, community, work relationships, and to all who we share life with here on Earth. Please look around and make yourself at home.

My book – A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty – is a highly recommended introduction to the realm of expansive possibilities – with shamanic wisdom stories, practices, and exercises to help you navigate these changing times.

Shamanzone – supporting your journey!  francis@shamanzone.com

Shamanic Services

The seemingly unsolvable problems, dilemmas, difficulties and life challenges we face can be transformed – because there is a revolutionary experience of life that can open for us beyond the limitations of what we’ve believed is possible. I will help you make direct contact with the unseen guidance and resources that surround you, and are within you. And, by drawing on the energy and innate intelligence at the core of life itself, we’ll bring practical solutions and beneficial outcomes to the issues of your life. more…

Video w/Francis

Fear! Amplified fear, compounded and endlessly reinforced fear! Fear is the great powerful motivating force being used to direct our behavior – to insure that the “lock-down” is maintained – to “flatten the curve” – and to theoretically keep us safe – safe from fear. As a modality, fear provokes an alarm response – we are being attacked! And as our bodies go into adrenalized flight or fight reactions, unable to do either, we “freeze.” This third reaction – more…

2020 Vision

Welcome to life in a new world now being born – as an old world is dying! We’re no longer in linear time – we’re now in something flowing in a double spiral – with the momentum of past actions in our world intertwining with waves of incoming energy. There is good news: we’ve moved into a direct alignment with the flowing energy and intelligence of the life affirming love of life for life that is simultaneously emanating from the central spiraling vortex at the heart of Creation and from our own deep hearts. more…

A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty by Francis Rico

A guide to moving into the spiral of Creation’s energy and discovering the deep beauty contained within each moment. It presents 11 simple practices, each a step on the spiral path, that will help you to embody the ageless wisdom of Spirit — bringing happiness, healing, and real magic into your life.